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Northern Exposures: Photos and Stories
from a "Student Bush Pilot"

by Charlie Jackson

(There were three people named Charles; my flight instructor, a fellow student, and me.
To avoid all sorts of confusion, I was called "Charlie" and my flight instructor, "Charles".)

What follows are several pages of photos, videos, and stories taken during my stay in Moose Pass,
Alaska during the week of June 21, 2007.
I've loosely arranged the photos and stories into the following sections:

Where is Moose Pass?
Charlie posing by the Super Cub in Bush Pilot gear

Flying Floats in Alaska -- Why I did it. What's a Floatplane? A look at Moose Pass. Caribou Stew.


Flying Floatplanes -- What's it like to fly a float plane. Hip waders. The Piper Super Cub. Stick-and-Rudder.


The Cub Driver -- Fellow student Mark gets his very own page of photos and stories.


Who Hires Bush Pilots? -- Take me to where there are no people. The Great Fish Airlift. 50 States in 50 Days.


Ice Fields and Glaciers -- Aerial tour of the Kenai Peninsula. Ice Field the size of Rhode Island. Cabin rentals.