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Northern Exposures: The Cub Driver

by Charlie Jackson

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Mark -- the Cub Driver

The Cub Driver

Mark was the other student learning to fly floats. Mark has flown Super Cubs for many years, and can land it just about anywhere. Those donut-shaped tires on his plane measure 32 inches, and are kept at 4 psi.

Mark checks his sidearms

Mark lives in Oregon, and flew his Cub to Alaska. While exploring the Kenai Peninsula, he decided to drop-in to Moose Pass and earn his float rating.

With several thousand hours in his own Super Cub, Mark had little trouble adapting to the world of floats. After passing his checkride, we gave him a little party in the watering hole across the street from the flight school.

The ALASKA STATE LAW: Check All Sidearms sign, by the way, is no joke. Welcome to the Last Frontier!

Mark is a hobbyist bush pilot. He and his friends enjoy exploring Western Canada, Alaska, and the rest of the Pacific Northwest with a sleeping bag and a Super Cub. If they see something fun or interesting, they land and check it out. The huge, low-pressure tires on Mark's Cub makes it pretty simple to land just about anywhere.

Before Mark (literally) took off to continue exploring Alaska, we dropped by Lawing Field, a few miles to the south, to see his plane.

Charlie and Mark visiting Mark's Super Cub
Charlie and Mark
Checking out Mark's Super Cub
Mark gives Charles the grand tour of the plane
Mark's Panel
Mark put quite a lot of work into his plane. This is the panel.
Charles and Mark at Mark's Super Cub
Charles and Mark pose in front of the Super Cub

And be sure to check-out Mark's photo galleries!

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