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New Additions to Nightbeacons

Here are the latest additions to our site.


New Photos

  • Yaquina Bay Lighthouse: Some moody nighttime shots of this beautifully resotred lighthouse.

  • Pigeon Point Lighthouse: Incredible photos of the 2004 lighting of the First-Order Fresnel Lens.

  • Santa Cruz Lighthouse: This lighthouse is new to our site. It is a gallery of sunset and night photos of the Santa Cruz (aka Mark Abbott) Lighthouse.

  • Yaquina Head Lighthouse: I returned to the scene of the Agate Beach campfire shots, and caught the moonlight reflecting off the surf.

  • Coquille River (Bandon) Lighthouse: This is a special sunset series, featuring the picturesque lighthouse.

  • Point Arena: One of the two tallest seacoast towers on the West Coast, this page offers some rarely-seen night photos of the lighthouse.

New Features

  • Crisper Images: I bought a new film scanner, which produces exceedingly vivid, crisp images. I am in the process of rescanning all of the photos, and re-posting them here.

  • Awards Page: We gratefully acknowledge the organizations that have honored us!

  • About These Photos: By popular request, I've expanded this area, adding some more background information on how these photos are taken.