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Battery Point, Crescent City

Click to EnterOften called The Christmas Light, this is the northenmost active lighthouse in California. It is connected to the mainland by a thin strip of land that is completely submerged at high tide.

Pigeon Point, Pescadero

Click to EnterThis lighthouse, the second-tallest in the US, takes its name from the Carrier Pigeon clipper, which was wrecked on the rocks here in 1853. Up until 1870, Pigeon Point's nine-foot first-order Fresnel lens was used at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. It was shipped to Pigeon Point in 1871. The lens is lit once a year, in November. (Click here to see a QuickTime movie of the 2004 lighting.)

Point Arena,
(south of Mendocino)

Click to EnterLocated about an hour south of Mendocino, the Point Arena Lighthouse rivals Pigeon Point lighthouse as tallest seacoast tower in California.

Point Bonita, Sausalito

Click to EnterThe paved trail leading to the lighthouse was washed away in 1939. The trail was replaced with a white suspension bridge, which was modeled after the Golden Gate. Point Bonita's second-order Fresnel lens is the largest on the San Francisco Bay. Their full-moon tours are not to be missed!

Point Cabrillo, Mendocino

Click to EnterBuilt after the 1906 earthquake, the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse received an extensive renovation in 1999. Its rotating third-order Fresnel lens shines 24 hours a day.

Point Loma, San Diego

Click to EnterLit in 1855, its beacon was often concealed in thick fog and low clouds. It was replaced 36 years later by a second light, built closer to sea level.

Point Montara, Montara

Click to EnterBuilt in 1928, Point Montara, is just up the road from Pigeon Point. It has a revolving 4th-order Fresnel lens in the tower.

Point Piños, Pacific Grove

Click to EnterFirst lit in 1855, this is the West Coast's oldest standing lighthouse. Point Piños, The Battery Point light and the Point Loma light all share the same basic, twin-chimney building design.

Point Reyes

Click to EnterVisitors must climb down 304 steps to reach the light. It's rotating first-order Fresnel lens weighs more than two tons. There are special evening tours twice a month, when you can see the light up-close.

Point Sur

Click to EnterPerched at the edge of a 250-foot volcanic rock, visitors must leave their cars at the base and walk a winding road to the top.

Santa Cruz

Click to EnterThe Santa Cruz lighthouse (also known as the Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse) is home to the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum. On a clear day, you can look out and see the Walton lighthouse in the distance.

Santa Cruz

Click to EnterAlso called the Santa Cruz Harbor Light, it was built in 2002, and has a distinctive green light. The Coast Guard originally planed a simple light mounted on a pole for the harbor entrance, but lighthouse fans solicited donations to erect this 45-foot tower.